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basic citizenship test arabic

Basic Citizenship Test Arabic


For those living abroad who wish to build up a (new and/or permanent) existence in the Netherlands, this citizenship course is the right choice. Following the ‘ Basic Citizenship Test’ course with Studieplan, means the lowest possible fee and the perfect three month preparation for the test. The course is availabe in the following languages: Arabic, Turkish and English. The comprehensive course comes with the video ‘To the Netherlands’, a text book and an audio CD. So, all the course material you need for an instant start. Nowhere cheaper: read and compare! The Basic Citizenship Test is meant for those who intend to settle in the Netherlands fora n extensive period of time(for family reasons, education or work) and who require a three months’ visa (in Dutch called ‘Machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf’ (MVV) ' Permit Temporary Stay).

Voordelige Cursus: Basic Citizenship Test Arabic


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