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dutch for foreigners

Dutch for foreigners


Finding it difficult to learn Dutch? Not with Studieplan! Because with the unique Studieplan method anyone can conquer the Dutch language. You too! Whether you would like to learn Dutch for work or for private use, please enrol for the study pack Dutch for Foreigners! The course material has been written clearly, contains many practical examples and has basic knowledge as a starting point. From your own language you will learn to speak Dutch step by step, learn to understand it and to read and write it. All sorts of subjects are included. For instance: How do you ask for directions in Dutch? What do you do when meeting people for the first time? How do you order something and how do you make an appointment with someone? Of course you will learn a lot more with this study pack! Above all, you can study where and when you wish and at your own pace. You will not be able to study anywhere cheaper than at Studieplan. Look and compare for yourself . When Dutch is not your mother tongue but you would like to learn the language fast, at low cost and in an easy way, then this study pack is for you!

Voordelige Cursus: Dutch for foreigners


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